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I feel the NBA All-star game should let the coaches choose the players. The game of basketball is modern and exciting now days, but without good coaching the fun to watch teams don't win championships. For example, in my opinion Lebron James would have won more championships if he had better coaches than himself. Even with the “Super Team” consisting of the NBA All-Stars Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh teaming up, the leadership of Pat Riley and Eric Spolestra is what ultimately steered the ship. The Shaq and Kobe L.A. Lakers couldn't win until they got Mr. Phil Jackson. Allen Iverson did not get to the finals until he had coach Larry Brown who was also very successful with his Detroit Piston teams.

I feel that we take away one of the highlights of a coach’s career of being able to select an NBA All-star team. The players already get all the endorsements and accolades and I feel that professional basketball takes a step in the wrong direction when we go away from truly rewarding our coaches. The coaches don’t get an award for winning the NBA All-star game but there is an MVP award. Let's hope this selection process is reviewed by the NBA with perhaps a view towards alternating between a public vote on all stars and allowing the coaches/players to choose.

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Come out and Support Our Legendary Special Olympians As they Compete To Honor Our Nations

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Let us play and let our lovers and friends be able to watch us with pride. We All in this together.

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A True Sporting Event with Championship competition Cannot Function with out a Great Referee we dont just need players but Coaches and Referees

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A member of three Brazilian World Cup-champion teams, Pelé is considered by many to be the greatest soccer player of all time.



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Rugby is one of the most physical of sports. Internationally the pinnacle of the sport lies in the Rugby World Cup. Other tournaments such as the Tri Nations (including South Africa, New Zealand and Australia), Six Nations (including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and France) and the Heineken Cup are other tournaments which are held in high esteem throughout.


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Synchronised swimming (renamed as artistic swimming since July 2017 by the global governing body FINA),[1][2] is a hybrid form of swimmingdance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronised routine (either solo, duet, mixed duet, free team, free combination, and highlight) of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

Synchronised swimming demands advanced water skills, requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. During routines swimmers may not touch the bottom of the pool.

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CONGRATULATIONS  Buddy Hield on being selected 6th overall to the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2016 NBA draft

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The Olympics is the greatest athletic competition in the history of mankind. It brings together nations to compete fairly on the world stage. Sports are currently used in our society as a way to bring about organized participation, to maintain or improve physical ability and skills while teaching and improving teamwork. These are vital and positive elements of our societal development. One of the criteria that SportAccord uses to describe sports is that it be in no way harmful to any living creature. Sports are a way that humans have used to bring each other together in a positive format. (  Finding ways to fund and support our athletes’ should always be at the top of any peaceful nation’s agenda. The Bahamas has done well in Olympic competition given its relative size and population. Local businesses and corporations would do well to help increase the support to our local sports by making or providing employees time to watch the events and providing increased promotional opportunities for our athlete’s.  One of the glaring issues I find with our chain of islands is that our athletes’ main focus has seemingly been stuck only on track and field. On an Island surrounded by water it is a crying shame that this is the case. Around 5 of the 40 + summer events include the water. The Bahamas; a nation surrounded by water has not been on the competitive radar for any Since Sir Durward Knowles led the way in 1956 in Melbourne registering a bronze and again in 1964 in Tokyo where he brought home the Gold.  Since 1964 everything else that we have done has been in track and field. On a nation surrounded by water I ask why is this the case? Diversifying our Olympic repertoire would be in the best interest of a country whose main attraction is the sun, sand and sea. There are currently 5 Olympic water events these include; Diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, sailing, and water polo. Developing, Increasing, and maintaining local competitions is the necessary antidote. Developing League’s would increase and diversify the local workforce; it would provide field’s of work that the people would enjoy working on and increase the chance of sports tourism. What’s up with the Bahamas water polo team? Is there one and if not why aren’t we developing and training a team to enter the Olympics? Are we not good at or organized enough to develop a synchronized swim team? From what I remember from the dance floor is that Bahamians know how to move. There is a dire need to move away from the old ways that streamline us into only developing ourselves in only one or two fields. The Bahamian People will greatly benefit from the diversification and when we improve the development our people we build a better and stronger nation.

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The Color On Tha Bahamas Now is not Just for show check for other links by clicking on various colors for interesting facts and where you may purchase items