Should not their be a Beauty Pageant where A fat Woman has the best body or Fat and Handsome man Best body competition, or Skinny Woman or Man with the Sexiest Body or in reverse would they each represent a beautiful Body that should be Respected so we all Appreciate The Wonderfully People that represent this Earth Proudly

Should their not be Pageants for the Midgets and Disabled where we show their skill, Beauty and Nobility

Since these Super Powers and Cast bearing countries love to continue hate in such a new age slave system to destroy the black race and leave Africa Abandoned while claiming superiority and pure Royalty while the white is the good in magic and the black considered evil while wanting to call us nigga or moolie here's a slap from the Rainbow Mystic Philosopher Kwame the Low blow King who Declares Icaumus is here!!!

An Icaumus is ignarant hateful non respecting bullying rapist that thinks the  Caucasian is the only thing worthy of success or royalty. These miserable and hateful creatures that harm the good in other caucasians is a pure white Pus bag of hate and racism.

*Pus a thick white or opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum

If the World had Organizations that used Devices that altered Thought to control The minds of Others What would a Peaceful Organization Do, Are they Encouraging Drug Dealers, Influencing Politicians, Confusing Lovers, is this a Peaceful World if these things are allowed to get away with it.

Banning Prostitution there should not be a gain of gifts unleashed those who haven't respectfully and honestly learned, earned and work for or will earn and work for in the a favor of those that will sell themselves to get the best results, we start off one way but that does not mean we cannot change if we give and honest effort that will bless life cuz we don't always start off life on the best foot but through walking towards a true redemption what happened in the past is not the reflection of what you can be in the future.

The Miscomprehension of Life

Canada the Land where we Talk about how horrible Rawanda IS but the Black and Native kids are only gud  for prostitutes come for a visit if you only if you Power our Hateful Eurasian Race we have the best science school in North America WE represent Peace but we dont help Africa As a PEace Keeper that IS even Worthy enough to only say they helped us in pretend.

Should A Society, Family, Person in Public Office ever have a Credible Opinion on who someone should marry to benefit their family later or should the Individuals that Claim love be given the choice to love who they decide even if it still ends in Divorce true love is worth the chance of experiencing so that you are not with someone who will only be happy as long as you do what their parents want you to

O look how mighty my seed is. let me teach it lessons that make it the strongest while it learns from and destroys the rest. It only will ever want to correct it self. It will Teach you lessons to protect its best. It will punish you when your seed is what it is naturally to create more that never gained the understanding of the lessons its stole. Please PLease PLease tell Me my left hand my left friend my left good; is right wrong? is right absolute? is right best? is it even good if it forgot the left? Variational respect while maintaining self appreciation is paramount stop teaching your students without learning the lessons yourself!!! by Kwame Mandella Sekou Hanna.

Societal Rape! 


Societal Rape! The Denial Of Love and Equality and Parenting Rights For the LGBT in Today's  society is condemning us to a hellish existence as we are 

It hurts when we Here your Ews when we kiss, we cry when you wont attend our weddings, we die alone waiting on the one who would truly love us the way we need, as we struggle against prayers that condemn us while psychologist work new ways to claim we are crazy when will these societies stop raping us.

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Scientific Philosophy

Saving Now instead of teaching criminals how S.N.I.T.C.H.

Is a Snitch evil if it stops a Rape is a snitch evil if it helps punish molestation, is a Snitch evil if it stops its country of birth from destroying the world?

Given that every negative in Black, Brown, White and other paler races dictionary languages and societal restrictive behaviors and attitudes have expressed evil associations of the other with out due regard to a respect for credible education.

So in my humble opinion if there is a :

black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.[1] The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole.[2][3] The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon. Although the event horizon has an enormous effect on the fate and circumstances of an object crossing it, no locally detectable features appear to be observed.[4] In many ways a black hole acts like an ideal black body, as it reflects no light.[5][6] Moreover, quantum field theory in curved spacetime predicts that event horizons emit Hawking radiation, with the same spectrum as a black body of a temperature inversely proportional to its mass. This temperature is on the order of billionths of a kelvin for black holes of stellar mass, making it essentially impossible to observe.

There is a:

 frozen star or similar PURE WHITE destructive negative or "positive"and terrible force that will absorb everything that came before it too make it self superior.

There is also a "Possible" Yellow energy source or negative source that consumes everything including itself.

There's possibly more but who is to say which color is evil, defunct, or uncomprehending of anything but itself 

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On Equal Ground : 30 articles of Human Rights

30 articles of Human Rights

Article 1 Right to Equality

Article 2 Freedom from Discrimination

Article 3 Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security

Article 4 Freedom from Slavery

Article 5 Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment

Article 6 Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law Article

7 Right to Equality before the Law

Article 8 Right to Remedy by Competent Tribunal

Article 9 Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Exile

Article 10 Right to Fair Public Hearing

Article 11 Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty

Article 12 Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, Home and Correspondence

Article 13 Right to Free Movement in and out of the Country

Article 14 Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution

Article 15 Right to a Nationality and the Freedom to Change It

Article 16 Right to Marriage and Family

Article 17 Right to Own Property

Article 18 Freedom of Belief and Religion

Article 19 Freedom of Opinion and Information

Article 20 Right of Peaceful Assembly and Association

Article 21 Right to Participate in Government and in Free Elections

Article 22 Right to Social Security

Article 23 Right to Desirable Work and to Join Trade Unions

Article 24 Right to Rest and Leisure

Article 25 Right to Adequate Living Standard

Article 26 Right to Education

Article 27 Right to Participate in the Cultural Life of Community

Article 28 Right to a Social Order that Articulates this Document

Article 29 Community Duties Essential to Free and Full Development

Article 30 Freedom from State or Personal Interference in the above Rights


For more Info check out these sites

30 articles of Human Rights Part 2 & 3

The Five Branches Of Philosophy

By Judith Hayes ©2015

Philosophy in its simplest form is a love of wisdom and is defined as a group of ideas that present a way of thinking about the universe, the world, and society. Although the expression of ideas may be abstract, philosophy addresses the real world and asks questions to arouse the mind to ponder about its problems.

Five Primary Branches of Philosophy


Metaphysics is the study of all existence, but the word itself is difficult to define as it is derived from a collection of fourteen books known as Aristotle's Metaphysics. The branch of philosophy now referred to as metaphysics was divided into four titles by Aristotle, "first philosophy," "first science," "wisdom," and "theology." It was more than one hundred years after the death of Aristotle that an editor titled the fourteen books "Ta meta ta phusika" (the ones after the physical ones). The editor is believed to have been Andronicus of Rhodes, and the title was likely a warning to students who might feel it was necessary to master the "physical ones" before attempting metaphysics. The natural world of the "physical ones" is subject to constant change, which is its defining feature. Metaphysics deals with the "first" principles, which can include the abstract concepts of being, knowing, time, space, substance, identity, and cause.


Epistemology is the study of knowledge. It investigates and analyzes the breadth of knowledge and its relationship to the similar concepts of truth, belief, and justification. Epistemology is the ultimate skeptic, questioning all facets of knowledge and requiring an individual to search out answers. The critical and questioning nature of this branch of philosophy asks weighty questions and demanding answers.

 .   What is knowledge?

.   What is the structure of knowledge?

.   Does knowledge have limits and boundaries?

.   How can justified beliefs be justified?

 Epistemology deals with prepositional knowledge, which is "knowledge-that" rather than "knowledge-how." An example of prepositional knowledge is 5 + 3 = 8, as opposed to knowing how to add the two numbers together. 


Ethics is the branch of philosophical study dealing with moral actions and determining concepts of right and wrong behavior. How does man deal with the issues of life? Is it right to pursue happiness? Does the Bible determine morals? Does man determine his own morals? Do morals change with each generation? The importance of ethics cannot be overstated. It is the only means available for deciding a course of action, the only way to attain to a goal, and the only method of deciding on a goal. Flawed ethics results in failure, making ethics an essential requirement of life.


Politics is the study of topics relating to the fundamental questions of government, law and enforcement of legal code, legitimacy of government (if any), property rights, liberty, justice, what rights and freedoms are acceptable, and if they should be protected. Politics applies its "brand" of ethics to groups of people. It determines the correct way to order our lives, our institutions, our economic structure, and even the way we pattern our home and family life.


Esthetics is the study of "art, beauty, and taste." The human sense of perception plays a major role in distinguishing between "aesthetic judgments" (of objects which can be appreciated outside of art) and "artistic judgments" (appreciation or criticism of an art object). It is obvious that the philosophy of aesthetics would cover a broader scope of study that that of art or beauty, as it applies to all positive and negative responses.

The study of philosophy is critical to understanding the universe and all it entails, including humanity.

Dr. King: Nonviolence is the Most Powerful Weapon

Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with nonviolence

Jeremy Gilley: One day of peace

Filmed February 2003 at TED2003

Sherwin Nuland: The extraordinary power of ordinary people

Introduction: What is Political Philosophy?

Philosophers and Kings: Plato's Republic, I-II

Filmed June 2013 at TEDxHousesofParliament 2012

Onora O'Neill: What we don't understand about trust

Philosophy During The Medieval Period - The Religious Influence
By Judith Hayes ©2015

During medieval times, philosophy was under attack by religious authorities that believed claims about the "superiority of reason" were false and dangerous. Philosophers of that time, including Thomas Aquinas, were left in the position of constantly having to defend the concept of philosophy, its existence, and its purpose. The medieval era exhibited a richness and complexity not found in other periods, including philosophy written in the form of poetic expression. A language of logic was developed to discuss matters of the day, such as the Christian beliefs in the resurrection of the dead, the return of Jesus, and the Trinity. While not widely received in the Christian community, philosophy did garner some acceptance.


Augustine (354-430)

The classical period was the domain of Augustine and he was present for the beginning of the medieval period. Religion straddled philosophy in the medieval period and is evident in the writings of Augustine and Boethius. Found within Augustine's philosophical themes are the meaning of history, truth, the human soul, and topics related to religion. His work was considered so important it was quoted in every Latin work of philosophy for over a thousand years following his death, and his authority was often invoked.


Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (430 - 525)

Boethius was from an influential family and born in Rome. His purpose was to translate all of the Greek works of Aristotle and Plato into Latin. His efforts made such a strong mark on the medieval period, it is sometimes referred to as the Boethian period. Many of Aristotle's logical works were translated, including On Interpretation and the Categories. Boethius introduced the problem of universals to the medieval period through his commentaries on Aristotle's works and the Isagoge by Porphyry.


Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274)

His brothers kidnapped the youthful Thomas Aquinas when he made the decision to become a priest. They captured him as he was traveling to Rome and took him to his parent's castle. For more than a year his family tried to convince him to abandon his pursuit. During his 50 years of life, Thomas was a Catholic priest of the Dominican order, a respected theologian, and a notable philosopher. The major influences in the writings of Aquinas were scholasticism and Aristotle. During his lifetime, Aquinas wrote many philosophical and theological treatises. His three-part Summa Theologica is considered the most important and influential of his combined works.


The Medieval Influence

Many of the great medieval philosophers spent their time reconciling the existence of God with classical philosophy. Augustine and Boethius created the link between the Roman and medieval periods, and their works were strong influences in both. It was during this period that universities with full-time professional scholars were established. Scholasticism along with its offshoots of Thomism and Scotism were extremely influential movements of the medieval period. Some Islamic schools of philosophy also rose to prominence during this time.


The medieval period of philosophy expansion experienced a dramatic influence of religious overlap. Many philosophers of that time period still maintain a great influence on the writings of philosophers today.

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