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Folk Tales

Myths and Legends in the Bahamas

The House in the Sky: A Bahamian Folktale 

 in the Turks & Caicos, the main characters are “Brer Rabbie” the Rabbit (also known as “Brer Yabbie”), “Brer Bookie” the Goat and “Anancy” the Spider. Salt rakers and their masters brought the tales here from Bermuda to Grand Turk and Salt Cay and the plantation slaves in the Caicos Islands from the Carolinas brought the Uncle Remus stories from America and the Anancy stories from Africa.

The Bush Babies come out of the kowhai flowers. They are the prettiest little things—fair as lilies with golden ringlets, and little golden peaked caps, bent over like a horn upon their heads. I don’t think they wear anything else much, just an odd little fluff of green here and there, like stray feathers that have stuck to them.

Phillipa Gregory -The Lady of the Rivers

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A Day in the Life of a Firefighter (TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers)

Introduction to Search and Rescue

Basic Navigation For Search and Rescue and Survival (Search and Rescue Guides)

Ice Search and Rescue: Books 1-3 Kindle Edition

Animal Farm


George Orwell

Charlotte's Web


E.B. White

Lord Of The Flies


William Golding 

Thea Stilton and the Tropical Treasure: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure

Join Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters on an adventure packed with mystery and friendship!

While the Thea Sisters are on a tropical vacation in the Bahamas, they stumble upon an old pirate map! It's related to a local legend. Could it lead to treasure?! The five mice venture onto the sparkling Caribbean Sea to follow the map... but someone else is trying to find the treasure first. It's a dazzling adventure!

The Lord of The Rings


J.R.R. Tolkien



R. L. Stine


 J. Lussier 

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Keeping the Peace: Practicing Cooperation and Conflict Resolution with Preschoolers 

Keeping the Peace: The Kids' Book of Peacemaking (What We Stand for) 

Keeping the Peace: A Guide to Solving Dog-Dog Aggression in the Home

Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat

Keeping the Peace: Resolving Conflict in the Boardroom

Keeping the Peace: Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Societies Around the World (War and Society) 1st Edition

Keeping the Peace: Lasting Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts

Keeping the Peace: Mindfulness and Public Service

Lonely Planet The Bahamas (Travel Guide)

Bahamas 1:500,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

Nora Roberts The Obsession 


Great Abaco Island Bahamas Adventure & Dive Guide Franko Maps Waterproof Map

A detailed map and guide to diving. snorkeling, fishing, swimming and things to do on this wonderful island in The Bahamas.

Side one has an overview map of the island showing dive and snorkeling sites, beaches, place names, points of interest, lighthouses and golf courses. Points along the Abaco Discovery trail are shown. There are beautiful identification illustrations of more than 100 reef fish, sharks, rays, turtles, whales and dolphins found in the waters surrounding Abaco.


Sherleen Sabin -Spoken word i am.

beyond rock bottom: a collection of poetry 

Everything you need to write a poem (and how it can save a life) | Daniel Tysdal

Poetry foundation

Hello Poetry

What makes a poem … a poem? - Melissa Kovacs

A-Z of Bahamas Heritage (Macmillan Caribbean A-z)

Includes various elements that constitute the heritage of modern Bahamians - historical, geographical, economic, political, social and cultural. This book is suitable for fact-seekers, browsers, Bahamians, visitors and armchair travellers alike.

Mills & Boon

Nora Roberts The Liar

What JK Rowling said about the first Harry Potter book -

BBC News

J.K. Rowling Talks Harry Potter and More


The Cruising Guide to Abaco, Bahamas: 2018

by Steve Dodge, assisted by Marjorie, Jon and Jeff Dodge. This 29th edition of the only annually updated cruising guide to Abaco includes significant updates for 18 of the 81 navigational charts and marina maps in the book. The accurate easy-to-read color charts are based on original hydrographic research and 45 years of local knowledge, and they are the only charts which show locations of submerged power lines and "do not anchor zones" in the central part of Abaco.

Making Kids Win

Rosemary and the Island Treasure: Hourglass Adventures #4

Magically transported back in time to 1947, ten-year-old Rosemary Rita searches for buried treasure with her grandmother, also age ten, on the island of Green Turtle Cay.

Essential Knots For Search and Rescue and Survival (Search and Rescue Guides)

SkyLight Books

When We Were Outlaws

Anti Inflammatory Diet: Chronic Disease to Healthy Living - A Simple Guide (Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Joint Pain Book 1) Kindle Edition

Mayo Clinic Essential Book of Diabetes: How to Prevent, Control, and Live Well with Diabetes Kindle Edition

More people than ever before have diabetes. The disease affects an estimated 21 million adults and children in the US and many people with the disease don't have it under control. Unlike years ago, you have a good chance of living an active and healthy life with diabetes--provided you work with your health-care team to take the necessary steps to control your blood sugar. Mayo Clinic Essential Book of Diabetes covers:

  • The pre-diabetes stage: taking charge to prevent diabetes
  • Types of diabetes
  • Symptoms and risk factors
  • Treatments and strategies for managing your blood sugar
  • Avoiding serious complications
  • Advances in insulin delivery and new medications
  • recipes

Harry Potter Series 1-7


J. K. Rowling

Land and Freedom - A Return to the Fishing Village: Sabbatical Essays From a Legal Aid Lawyer 1st Ed. Edition

The Legend of Sammie Swain


E. Clement Bethel

William Shakespeare

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The Exuma Guide: A Cruising Guide to the Exuma Cays : Approaches, Routes, Anchorages, Dive Sights, Flora, Fauna, History, and Lore of the Exuma Cays

Have you dreamed of buying a sailboat and taking off for months to visit secluded isles? Follow David and Mary as they discover the people and secrets of the Bahamas sailing in Apsara thru the northern Gulf Coast of Florida and the pristine cays of the Exumas. Exploring the beauty of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, enduring winds of over one hundred miles per hour, preparing local lobster and conch from authentic island recipes.
“Apsara, our Island Packet 38, has transported us over five thousand miles in our voyages to the Bahamas with grace, comfort and safety, a guardian angel of the oceans, celestial nymph of the clouds and waters.”
I miss the expansive beauty of the sea upon awaking and drifting off to dreams laden with stars and sea turtle lullabies."

Apsara In The Bahamas

If so, you'll find this book to be an invaluable guide for visitors to the Islands of the Bahamas, this Visitor's Guide is three complete guides in one: Visitor's Guide to the Bahamas - Nassau; Visitor's Guide to the Bahamas - Grand Bahama; Visitor's Guide to the Bahamas - The Out Islands. Everything you need to know to plan your visit is included.

A Thousand Shades of Blue Kindle Edition

by Robin Stevenson

A sailing trip to the Caribbean might sound great, but sixteen-year-old Rachel can't stand being trapped on a small boat with her family. She misses her best friend and feels guilty about leaving her older sister Emma, who lives in a group home. Her father is driving her crazy with his schedules and rules, her brother is miserable, and there is never anyone her own age around. Worst of all, there is nowhere to go when her parents fight. While their boat is being repaired, the family spends a few weeks in a small Bahamian community, where Rachel and Tim discover a secret which turns their world upside down and threatens to destroy the fragile ties that hold their family together.

The Day is So Long and the Wages So Small: Music on a Summer Island

In the summer of 1958, jazz and blues historian Samuel Charters traveled with Ann Danberg to Andros, a remote island "on the wrong side of the wind" in the Bahamas. Living within a small local community descended from a handful of Bahamian slaves, they discovered how the unique historical fusion of disparate cultures on Andros, from Africa and Europe, had resulted in a wealth of traditional music that had stubbornly resisted the influx of modern styles. Combining rare travel and musical elements with Danberg’s evocative photographs, Char-ters describes their search for a song so rich and startling in its resonance, they had to follow it to its source. "Just about the best 'what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation’ report ever written." —Booklist (starred review)

Better World Books

The Art Of Peace

Writing Competitions

Med Bay

Earth 2870 AD Spacestation Beryl the 3rd . In the year 2700 AD the Earth was attacked from Alien forces from the Andromeda Galaxy. Earth's forces were able to fend off the first wave but the forces from Andromeda are relentless and constantly attack the Earth. The Earth's Forces in 2750 take the fight to space preventing the Alien race known as Andromedians from ever touching the earth soil again. In 2790 the United Earth Allaince launches several spacestations as a means of supplying earth's forces in space. As a line of defense the Earth's remaining forces deploy vessels to reclaim and defend the Milky Way. This tale follows the carageous Surgeon Generals and the heroic Medical Bay staff on board spacetation Beryl the 3rd. The space station has seven decks; the cockpit, the command center, military quarters, living quarters, Medical quarters, the P.A.E.I.R.S (Political, agricultural, educational, Industrial, and recreational sector), and the E.M. Deck (Engineering and maintenance deck). Beryl the 3rd has been in orbit for the last 90 years. The spacestation acts as a half way station to earth where Earth's troops and ambassadors can dock to refuel, get supplies and in case of emergency. Med Bay is located on the 4th floor of the station and houses the finest medical team in the galaxy. The medical department sends elite rescue teams headed by the Surgeon Generals to treat the wounded on the field or to retrieve them when they are no longer able to participate in combat. The rescue teams are transported in Med space vans; these vehicles acts as a giant ambulance and helps them to travel back and forth from war zones to the space station carrying the injured or the dead. This vehicle also drops off supplies to colonies and war zones. Spacejet's known as lifesavers defend the Med space vans. There are typically 4 lifesavers to every Med Space Van. Lifesavers provide the necessary cover in the field to allow the med bay officers to recover the injured or fallen. The co pilot shouts out “jupiter moon” as the med van reaches a check point. The Surgeon generals and the medical squadron make preparations for retrival. “what's the stats” says Olu as he tinkers with his weapons module on his suit. The medical systems officer shouts out “10 casualties, 15 wounded.” The lifesavers break the atmosphere first and are greeted with heavy laser fire. The squadron are quick to return fire and take out the enemy cannons. Cheers can be heard from below as the tide of battle has shifted. The med van breaks the atmosphere and hones in on its designated landing zone. The surgeon generals are first off ship and they head to recover and treat as many wounded as necessary. The med squad breaks into teams as some recover the dead and the others aid the surgeon generals when necessary. The Livesavers aid the Earth Allaince Army by taking out enemy forces from above. The Surgeon generals operate with precision tending to the wounded and tagging the dead. The med squad are recovering the wounded soldiers and dead bodies and placing them on separate medical hoverjet bus'. The enemy resistance is low as the Earth allaince army and the lifesavers have cleared the way.It is nightfall before the fighting is done and the Work of the Surgeon generals and the med squad is far from over. Med Bay is situated in the center of the fourth deck and can go from one of the emptiest places to a full on war zone. The doctors at Med Bay have built themselves a reputation as they rescue more lives than they lose. Today it is empty and Dr. Nathan sits at his desk fustrated by the mountains of paper work. Dr. Jedi steps in and asks“i'm bout to head for lunch sending for anything?” “ ya get me a veggie burger and a cola.” replies Dr. Nathan. “Hey, when does the Surgeon General training start?” asks Dr Nathan “Next week” replies Dr. Jedi. The rehabilitation clinic in Med Bay is state of the art. Gary is the lead physical therapist at Med bay and he works with his patient's to rehabilitate them. Today Gary is working with Luteniant Bastian as he tries to recover from an explosion that broke every bone in his left leg. “ So Doc how soon should it be before i'm back in the field?” “Mr. Bastian there was a time when you would not be able to go back in the field! But in a years time you should be back in tip top shape if you attend your sessions and stick the regime i put you on.” replies Gary. Mr. Bastians wife and children watch him as he works out. Po Chi Lam Clinic china. One of Earth’s best remaining medical facilities, who stores and transfers materials with Med Bay. Dr. Wang sits and ponders the dilema. A bomb droped on the northern portion of the United States was a biological weapons attack. An unknown air borne virus soon spread until it was quaranteed. None of the victims survived within 48 hrs of contact with the virus. Dr. Wang is one of China's leading Pathologist. As she is hard at work trying to find a cure for the unknown virus. Dr. Hwung Fei enters the laboratory where Dr. Wang is working. “ What are your findings Doctor?” asks Dr Hwung Fei. “I feel if we discover and focus on the Etiology we can find a cure!” states Dr. Wang. “Great Andromeda Nebula warriors! the human race is a specimen unworthy of the creator's grace and we will wipe them from the gallaxy.” declares Andron to an army of one billion. Military deck training Academy Jedi sits a few rows from the front of his class as Professor Stuart gives her history lecture on the Andromedian- Human conflict. “2750 AD Sundiata- born with a disability where his left arm did not develop, learned to master his disability and would go on to become one of the most Prolific Surgeon Generals he was dubbed the one armed swordsmen.” says Professor Stuart. Med space van mechanic Su Song is in the middle of enjoying her vacation. She just bought a Dymaxion car which happens to be the most popular car on the space station. Su stops at a cafe and decides to have lunch on the P.A.E.I.R..S deck when a Med Bay medical officer Fred Burrows collapses infected with an unknown virus. The spacestations computer quaranteens the area immediately and Su is held for testing to see if she has been infected. Guion Bluford Jr. is one of the pilots on the Med van that Fred Burrows last worked on. Guion sits nervous worried that he may be infected or even worse that he may have infected his family. The Artificial Intelligence informs Captain Quinton Barr the commander and chief of Beryl the 3rd. “Warning! Warning! Airborne infection detected on spacetation quarenteening infected areas. Activating lock down proceedures” “Lock down, computer how many are infected?” asks Captain Barr “10 passengers detected as infected sir” responds the A.I. “Are they all quarenteened?” asks Captain Barr. “yes 1 isolated on deck 4, 7 isolated on deck 5 2 isolated on Deck 6. Sir” answers the A.I.“how did it slip through?” asks Captain Barr. “virus masked it self as white blood cells and was able to go undected. It should be noted that Human's can be carriers that transmit a pathogen without any signs of Illness. Patient's also did not exhibt signs or symptoms until the period of illness.” “Is there a cure?” asks Captain Barr. “the medical teams are working on it but I need more data Sir.” responds the A.I. Christa McAuliffe an active Surgeon General had just arrived at Med Bay when the lock down took effect. Christa looks through the list of infected staff. She freezes and holds her head when she notices Surgeon General Rodolfo Neri Vela has been infected aswell. Christa rushes to the laboratory where she meets Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Cooper hard at work. “any progress with finding a cure or vaccine?” asks Christa “we've been able to slow the progression of the disease the which would be fatal under normal circumstances within 48hrs we've been able to slow it down to 96hrs but its still fatal no cure has been found. And the vaccines are having horrible side effects!” states Dr. Cooper. “has anyone warned any of the Med teams in the field?” asks Christa. “All Med teams being alterted to threat of contamination” Annouces the A.I. “ you hear that boys dey using bio weapons. Garneau! Bring down one of their ships” commands Olu “copy General” replies Garneau from his lifesaver. “four finger formation” Says Garneau to the 3 other Lifesavers as the spacejets take fromation. One of the andromedian ships enters the airspace and is blown to pieces. “Gently Gentlemen” says Olu as he watches the andromedian ship explode. Government official Richard Buckminster Fuller sits in his office prepping himself for the press conference. For an hour he deliberated as to what he will say. Mr. Fuller takes a sip of cognac puts on his coat jacket and goes to meet the press. “Ladies and Genttlemen good day, it is true that there is an airborne infection on board this vessel but the infected have been quaranteened. The decks are being decontaminated as we speak. We assume that the virus was brought back with one of the wounded soldiers from the war for Jupiter.” states Mr. Fuller. “Any questions?” asks Mr. Fuller “is it true that a Surgeon General is infected?” asks a reporter. Jake Garn sits in his office which is located in the same building as Mr. Fuller. He recieves a phone call from his secratary Tiffany “Good afternoon sir we have a call from a foriegn space vessel claiming to be ambassadors. What should i tell them?” asks Tiffany “patch em through” says Jake “Good Day i am commander Xinir,We hail from the NGC 1300 Galaxy and we bring an invitation to the inhabitants of the Milky Way to join the United Galactic Council.” says Xinir. “we have questions before we can consider your invitation like for one why are the Andromedians attacking us? and 2 what is your purpose?” asks Jake Garn. “The Andromedians have declared war with every Gallaxy they encounter, with the same claim that the species is unworthy as they feel they are the perfect race. To answer your second question our goal is to maintain peace and justice throughout the gallaxies. We will send you some more data about our organization for you to show your leaders.” anwsers Xinir.

Lesbian Literature

Anne Lister-Anne Lister loved women. Born in 1791 to a military family, she later inherited Shibden Hall, two miles outside of Halifax, and knew that she needed a wife. She began courting a wealthy single woman called Ann Walker, gave her a wedding ring, and had their union blessed in church. They had already sworn their love for each other on the Bible in a little thatched summer house on the Shibden estate. When they were married, Ann Walker moved into Shibden Hall and redecorated their bedroom. On Easter Sunday 1834, Anne Walker wrote in her diary – ‘Three xxx’s better to her than to me.’

Christabel by Karin Kallmaker

Deeper than the city streets, the subways, even the dry riverbeds that no longer flow, are the roots of a tree that remembers love and tragedy... 

Financier Dina Rowland's assignment is to make fashion designer Leo Goranson a lot of money. But the more she knows of him, the more repugnant his personal life is to her. Not the least inconsequential is his unbreakable hold on his greatest asset: supermodel Christabel. One touch and the power--and responsibility--of Dina's long-hidden heritage threatens to crumble the careful plans she has made for her life. 

Christa knows there is no escaping her tormentor, but she has a plan to deny him what he ultimately wants from her. The past can't be changed. Having long accepted her fate she is unprepared for the wild feelings that Dina's eyes arouse in her. There is passion, certainly, but also the rarest feeling of all to her: hope.

Shortlisted for the Orange Prize and the Booker Prize

London 1862. Sue Trinder, orphaned at birth, grows up among petty thieves - fingersmiths - under the rough but loving care of Mrs Sucksby and her 'family'. But from the moment she draws breath, Sue's fate is linked to that of another orphan growing up in a gloomy mansion not too many miles away.

Sound Of Love

It is the year 2113 AD The discovery 4 is on the outter limits of the Milky Way. The milky way is just one out of a billion other galaxies in this wide and wonderful universe. Wesley Adderly looks out the window as the space shuttle floats by an Ocean of stars. The Space Shuttle Discovery 4 navigates its way towards the PinWheel Galaxy. The well trained crew; pilot the shuttle and watch in amazement at some of the wonders the universe has to offer. They dock at the Explorer space station that was built on the outter regions of the Pinwheel Galaxy in 2085 A.D. The station is home to 20,000 humans. Astronaughts and scientists make up the majority of the population. The station has living quarters for when the Astronaughts and scientists finish their tour of duty. A crew of ten report to the space visa office. Two of the new comers to the spacestation are astraunaught Leslie Culmer and scientist Wesley Adderly. The two spend every moment with each other when they get their break from their respective duties. On their first date they go to a Jaun Atkins and kevin saunderson holo concert held in the disco tech on the recreational floor of the spacestation. They would soon get married in 2120 A.D. As they browse through the spacestation apartment ads Leslie tells Wesley she is pregnant for him. “what's that look on your face about?” asks Leslie “i am shocked just wasnt preparded but like the great George Wald once said to know reality is to accept it and eventually to love it. Hence I may not be prepared but I accept this and love the fact that your having my child.” replies Wesley. Throughout the pregnancy the couple would listen to a lot classical music most often Beethoven. At the end of the 9 month term on Feburary 5th 2121 A.D. they would have a healthy 7lb boy that they would name Ludwig Van Adderly. From his youth Ludwig is inquisitive and high spirited he is a bundle of joy for his parents. When the terrible two's hit first time parents;the Adderly's world is rocked. The word No becomes a favorite of Ludwig at this time. Ludwig begins to have outbursts and throw temper tantrums. With guidance from some of the older couple's on board the station the Adderly's learn to reign him in. Ludwig would grow to develop the wunderlust of his mother with the scientific reasoning skills of his father.

Ludwig would attend the space station's university taking a bachelor of science as a major and a minor in musicology. while Ludwig's musical skills are no match for his scientific mind he still has a love and fondness for music all the same. Ludwig would go on to obtain his PhD. In Astrobiology. Upon graduation Ludwig would go on to work for the research department in charge of searching for signs of life on the planets located within the PinWheel Galaxy. In 2248 AD Ludwig would meet Jamie Burrows a music teacher during the launch of the space stations curiosity 4 on a yet unnamed planet in the pinwheel gallaxy. The curiosity 4 is a massive project envolving multiple robotic camera's sent to study a planet. To celebrate they head to a concert on the recreational deck. They enjoy the night as the music is energetic. The two touch hands during a performance of Major Laser powerful featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley. Jamie runs to the balcony for some fresh air Ludwig follows. “You heighten all my senses; I can taste the molecules when im with you!” says Ludwig as Jamie blushes the two kiss. Fire works would go off and the two would marry the following year. It would take the Curiosity 4; 2 years before it reaches its intended destination. 14th March 2150 would be a momentous occasion as the curiosity 4 begins exploration of an unknown world. The video feed is in hd and the sound is of the highest quality NASA could provide. It takes several days before life is detected upon the planet. The curiosity stumbles upon a lush alien garden of vegetables in full bloom throughout one of the valley's on the unique planet. One of the vegetables measured is a 1 ft wide sized tomato like vegetable. Estimates of a cabbage patch report in around 4 feet. After the vegetable gardens the curiosity enters a Forrest filled with tropical alien trees and exotic extraterrestrial wildlife. The find of a life time comes when the curiosity 4 stumbles upon three tribes of musical creatures that socially coexist. He calls the three tribes the Amadinda, the Akadinda and the La Voici Nostra. Ludwig would spend the rest of his life studying and documenting the history of the inhabits of the planet known as Grandioso. 18th June 2445 A.D. space station Explorer Auditorium; Aretha Adderly addresses the crowd “My Ancestor Ludwig Van Adderly would be the first to study and document the history alien tribes through observational study. The curiosity 4 enabled us to learn about other intelligent life forms that share our galaxy.” says Aretha Adderly who begins to play a recording of Ludwig saying “When I discovered the Amadinda, Akadinda and La Voici Nostra I felt like I opened a magical music box that I never wanted to close.” A video diary begins to play during the presentation. The video photage is from the curiosity 4 and it is narrated by Ludwig. The Curiosity 4 would uncover a musical social structure deeply embedded in the core of all three tribes. Each tribe on planet Grandioso comunicated musically. The noble tribe the Amadinda were the first intelligent life forms discovered by the curiosity 4. The Amadinda tribes skin color was grey with some having patches of black or white. Some of these creatures resembled humonoid dolphins, while others looked like humonoid hippopotamuses. The Amadinda would come with heavenly voices. Some of the Amadinda could produce sounds like xylophones while others had bell like voices. Some of the Amadinda would produce sounds like the djembe drum.The Amadinda also use their bodies as instruments by clapping and slapping parts of their bodies rhythmically. The songs of the Amadinda were typically petatonic. When we take a look at the Akadinda tribe Genetic similarities to Bears,Gorillas, and panthers were evident among its populace. The Akadinda had mostly black fur with varrying gold; patches and stripes. The Akadinda had a spiritual aura about them. Among the Akadinda a vast musical range of voices stood out. There were some that were flute like. Some of the Akadinda could produce sounds like the ngoma drum and some emmiting melodies similar to the Kora. The songs of the Akadida were typically polyrythmic. Around late September 2153 A.D. A hurricane of noise tears through the Forrest in the south Eastern hemisphere destroying large portions of both the Amadinda and Akadinda civilizations. War would soon brake out over the lack of resources. Around 2160 an old wise looking alien from the Akandinda tribe with a giant stick resembling a clef would broker peace between the two tribes. We would dub him William Grant Still. William would take on a protege named Florence from the Amandinda tribe. Together they were able to restore musical harmony between the two tribes. To commemorate the peace treaty every year a concert would be held where members of both tribes would perform. During the first peace concert Florence and her opera would perform a Symphony in E minor. As the society evolved and the tribes numbers filled back out the Amandinda and the Akandinda expand their respective empires. ... an Amandinda prince falls in love with and Akandinda princess. He would make his intentions known and went about creating several musical pieces in her honor. The musical creations were popular in both kingdoms. In 2162 one of the Curiosity 4's camera's would document the first interactions of the Amandinda and a tribe I like to call the La Voici Nostra. The La Voici Nostra seem to have humonoid ancestry but have evolved a bioluminescence adaptation. The La Voici Nostra's vocal range went from the piano, the brass, string, and wood wind sounds. There was a time when the la voici nostra did not allow the mixing of the sounds as each sound was expected to stay with their own kind. Classicism, racism, and soundism became rampant in the musical societies. In 2265 a war would break out between the Amadinda and the Akinanda after the murder of an Akinandian muscian by a jealous Amadinda King. The La Voici Nostra would take advantage and increase the size of their empire by siding with Amadindians. The Akinanda tribe would be enslaved. The period of slavery was filled with riots, revolts and revolutions. In 2168 the La Voici Nostra developed the alfabeto system of notation. In 2170 a musical prodigy emerges I fondly call him Mozart. Mozart is able to create new and innovative musical style performances. As Mozart conducts the musical creatures begin to sound like a choir of angels. Mozart performs for the King of the Amandinda tribe. Mozart recieves a standing ovation after his troupe's performance of a musical number resembling the 13th symphony in F major. While Mozart is popular his hedonistic ways get him into trouble. At the tender age of 30 Mozart would be found dead by the river. A Elegy would be held by Mozart's harem. A war would soon brake out over the death of Mozart and a divide emerged creating two factions of La Voici Nostra. A female La Voici Nostra who radiated with a red glow had a voice that I can only compare to a Baroque guitar would help quell the tensions. We would name her Susan Baroque. Susan would be instrumental in organizing the brass, string, and wood wind sounding La Voici Nostra. Hence we called this the Baroque period. Then around 2184 A.D. A special Akinandan named Johann; with the sound of a piano for a voice becomes prominant in the musical world. He learns to write a toccata in d major similar to the one composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. The King would grant him his freedom. This would open the discussion to the idea of the abolision of slavery.One of Johann's finest performances came the 3rd October 2194 A.D. Before an audience of 5000 La Voici Nostra. We see video of Johann going into a poltonality with his voice. One notable transmission documented the abolation of slavery of the Akadinda musicians in the west indian Islands which occurred in 2185 A.D. A tribe of slaves was able to peacefully negotiate equal rights and as a celebration the creatures would create elaborate and commemorative costumes and parade the streets celebrating unity. An Akadinadan conductor gets his music troupe to do a song resembling Senzeni Na which becomes popular. In 2200 AD technological advancements would push the growth and diversity of the civilization until we reach a period I like to call the renaissance period. One of the great poets of this era began perfroming a form of Nocturne songs that became popular during the period.On Grandioso the one glaring similarity among the three tribes were that they are all social in nature. The society of each tribe evolved musically and it was common for all three tribes to put on concerts for each other as a means of fellowship, religion, story telling and entertainment. At a concert for the opening of a new concert hall the conductor gives the cue to play vivace. It begins with the cello and mandolin sounding creatures and then the Bassoons join in. The concert master performs a solo and is joined in by the brass section of the orchestra. The nights second performance featured members of the three tribes dancing to minuet music. Around the musical globe trouble still hit its high notes. Soundism once again rared its head during the silent genocide where the Drums and the Wind instruments went to war. A Trommel sounding creature leads the drums and as he communicates in tones of Expressionism as he rallys the blood thirsty crowd. Towards the end the wind instruments had to be hidden as the Drums were relentless. The Jazz rebellion occurred after a drum and a bass were found lynched. The drum was La Voici Nostra and the Bass was an Amadinda. The bass was part of a famous Jazz band at the time. It was at his funeral where the first signs as his fellow jazz members did not take the murders lightly. They say large glass bottles of rum was the weapons of choice during the riot. The musical creatures broke with tradition in 2270 AD dubbed the second 70s. Three Amandinda sisters would form a band and become quite popular. There was a vibrant mix of music and small bands of various musical creatures began to form and flourish thus this decade was called Era of the Band. The Musical Massacre of 2284 where over 100 Musicians lost their lives in a mafioso type war between rival factions of the La Voici Nostra devastated the musical community.The western vocalist would become prominent around 2295A.D. The Quadrille becomes a sensation during the western swing of 2298AD. 2445 A.D. “an airborne virus known as the mute plague would rare its ugly head in 2300 AD. Any who caught the plague became tone less. The mute plague would decimate the musical population.These musical beings are on the verge of extinction and we have created a miracle vaccination. The beat box infusion is a known effective cure. I see this creatures as my friends and I ask you will you help ensure their survival through your contributions to aid in our conservation methods so that other generations may be blessed with the musical brilliance these beings have to offer.” says Aretha



Making Gay History: The Half-Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights by Eric Marcus

From the Boy Scouts and the U.S. military to marriage and adoption, the gay civil rights movement has exploded on the national stage.Eric Marcus takes us back in time to the earliest days of that struggle in a newly revised and thoroughly updated edition of Making History, originally published in 1992.Using the heart-felt stories of more than 60 people, he carries us through the compelling five-decade battle that has changed the fabric of American society.

The rich tapestry that emerges from Making Gay History includes the inspiring voices of teenagers and grandparents, journalists and housewives, from the little known Dr. Evelyn Hooker and Morty Manford to former Vice President Al Gore, Ellen DeGeneres, and Abigail Van Buren. Together, these many stories bear witness to a time of astonishing change as gay and lesbian people have struggled against prejudice and fought for equal rights under the law.

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ISBN: 9781627781237
eISBN: 9781627781312


Described by gay scholar Jonathan Katz as "willfully cacophonous, a chorus of voices untamed," The Right Side of History sets itself apart by starting with the turn-of-the-century bohemianism of Isadora Duncan and the 1924 establishment of the nation's first gay group, the Society for Human Rights; it also includes gay activism of labor unions in the 1920s and 1930s; the 1950s civil rights movement; the 1960s anti-war protests; the sexual liberation movements of the 1970s; and more contemporary issues such as marriage equality.


June 1820 William's plantation Exuma, Bahamas. The Williams plantation is believed to have been at least 3000 acres. In Exuma the only plantation bigger than the Williams is that of Lord John Rolle. On the Williams plantation the slaves worked the cotton, pigeon peas, and sugarcane fields along with tending to the live stock. It's high noon as 12 year old Thabo and the other slaves work the sugarcane fields. The sun scorches the slaves as they work what seems like a never ending field. The crack of the whip in the distance sends shivers up Thabo's spine. Thabo looks around worried praying that the victim of the whip was not his parents or one of his friends. The sun sets as the slaves leave the fields for their quarters. Zola one of Thabo's friends catches up with him on the way to the slave quarters. “That was Delani who got whipped 40 lashes” says Zola“What did he do?” asks Thabo “ask for water” responds Zola. The two children walk with their heads down the rest of the way. Most of the other slave owners on the island built homes for their slaves but not Mr. Williams who made his slaves build their own homes 700 feet southeast of the main house. The slave quarters on the plantation contained homes made of stone with a thatched roof like the one's the slaves had in Africa. Thabo his father Kubu, his mother Nomsa and 5 other slaves share a home. The 14 hours of work is physically taxing and Thabo only wants to sleep he barely has enough energy to eat. Nomsa brings Thabo a plate of food. A knock is at the door, initially everyone freezes as a knock can lead to many undesirable things on the Williams plantation. When Kubu answers the door everyone is relieved when they see Zola and Delani. Delani has his arm around Zola's shoulder as he is still weak from the whipping. Nomsa guides Delani to a bed made of straw. Delani does not have the energy to take off his own shirt so Nomsa removes his shirt and begins to treat his wounds. Thabo begins to puke uncontrollably when he glimpses Delani's back which is filled lacerations from his lower to upper back. No body talks much that night as they all try to conserve energy for another grueling 14 hr work day. There are some things in life you cannot plan for when your a slave you are at the mercy of your master. That morning the overseer tells the drivers to take Kubu to town as he has just been sold. Kubu tries to plea with them. “ you cannot separate me from my family please master no, my family needs me!” pleads Kubu as the drivers forcibly drag him from the plantation. All Nomsa and Thabo can do is cry at the horrible predicament. Working under these horrifying conditions distresses Thabo and he is unable to function. At the end of the day when Thabo's bag is counted he is whipped mercilessly for not reaching his quota. Thabo lays on his straw bed with tears running down his face as his mother tends to his wounds. Zola tries to comfort Thabo but he refuses to talk to anyone. As the weeks go by Thabo becomes very distant from his friends but he still clings to his mother. “your gonna have to be strong Thabo, this life is harsh, don't take ya pain out on ya friends Zola and Delani are like family.” Says Nomsa as she helps prepare dinner. Thabo goes outside and begins to stare at the night sky. Delani and Zola come outside to join him. “Its my birthday tomorrow, Nomsa says they are gonna make me a cake, imma give you the first slice.” says Zola as she tries to stay upbeat. “whats goin on wit you bey? Try and remember the good times bey, cuz I ain neva had a chance to know my father” says Delani “sorry jus feel empty ya kno” says Thabo still lost in the night sky. The smile Zola has on her face as they bring the cake out could make the most depressed pessimist happy. Thabo makes an effort to help Zola enjoy her birthday he even gives her a couple hibiscus flowers he picked today while in the fields. As a gift Delani secretly gives Zola a book that was left for him by his father. “i memba wen ya was lookin at it, and I done read it almos a 100 times, its all I have to give.” says Delani. Delani reminds Zola to keep the book out of sight as they both know it could mean death if she is caught reading. The friends develop a closer bond over the following weeks and months. It is now the 14th June 1821 and the slave drivers are carrying Nomsa off the plantation. The rumors say that Mr. Williams lost Nomsa on a bet in a card game. Something inside Thabo snaps as he watches his mum be escorted off the property, he tries to fight the Slave Drivers but they are too strong for him. When the Overseer sees this he orders Thabo to be whipped 100 lashes. Thabo awakes from a nightmare reaching for his mum it is a full 2 days later. Still in a state of shock feeling numb to the world Thabo struggles to rise from his bed. With Nomsa gone Thabo has never felt more alone as Zola hugs Thabo tightly. “i'm still wit you big bro.” says Zola as they both cry. For Thabo he has no other option left but to run away. Thabo begins to make plans to go find his mother. Over the next two weeks Thabo plans his escape, he has even been able to find out which farm his mother was taken to. Zola has been sticking close to Thabo and begins to get suspicious. One night Zola approaches Thabo crying. “you gone leave me” says Zola as she cries “Zola I gatta find my mum, I love you like a sister but dis jus somtin I gatti do. I will come back for you.” says Thabo reassuringly. Thabo kisses Zola on the cheek as she sleeps. As Thabo sneaks out he quietly wakes Delani and signals Delani to follow him. Thabo leads Delani to where he is going to make his escape. “ I ain tell Zola cuz she mita let it slip, and I know for certain that the overseer has a spy in the camp so I wan you two to meet me here in 2 nights don't tell Zola just bring her with you.” says Thabo. Delani grabs Thabo by the arm as he is about to leave and the two give each other a bear hug before Thabo runs off. The undeveloped land is like a Forrest so Thabo sticks to the trail the old maid told him would lead to the Farquharson plantation. Strange noises fill the cold night air. A bit of fear bubbles in Thabo's belly as the folk tales; of strange things in the Forrest were rampant in the slave quarters. Something grabs Thabo by the shoulder as he walks frightened Thabo turns around ready to fight. Thabo throws a punch and hits Delani in the nose, “stop Thabo its us.”says Zola as she jumps in front of Thabo. “what da hell you doin here I thought I said I was ga be back fe yall.” says Thabo “you can't leave us you all the family we have. And family stick together, through thick and thin” Says Zola “well hurry cuz now wit all us gone they gone sic da hounds on us.” says Thabo. Terrified the children run for a mile a piece of Delani's shirt is torn off by an outstretched branch. Tired the children stop and decide to find a place to sleep. Thabo is quick to rise in the morning and he wakes up Delani and Zola. The children walk for miles and soon reach the edge of the Forrest. The children cautiously approach a clear patch of rocky ground by the sea. “It clear?” asks Delani as Thabo scouts the area “yea bey, come let's go” says Thabo. Thabo takes the lead as the children cautiously walk across the sharp rocks towards another Forrest area. Mr. Williams is furious as he talks to the Overseer and his men. The men stand at the foot of Mr. Williams porch with shotguns on their shoulders and holding leashes to a ferocious pack of dogs. “the loss of three slaves don't sit well with me, let's go get me my property.” says Mr. Williams. Zola starts to shiver as the cool sea breeze makes this section of the Forrest much colder than the last. As the children walk they hear the most peculiar sound almost like an owl crying. Not to far In the distance is a terrifying sight a bird the size of a short man. The children stop dead in their tracks and hide behind some trees. Zola rubs her eyes to make sure what she is seeing is real. This Giant of a bird had large forward-facing eyes with a hawk like beak and a flat face. The children try to walk another path but as they walk away “hoooelp meee” chirps the Chickcharney. The children freeze and again the Chickcharney chirps “hoooelp meee”. They all turn around shock and awe fills their faces as the Chickcharney is looking directly at them. “how?” shouts Delani as the Chickcharney tries to fly away but a rope is knotted on its leg. Zola and Thabo try to stop Delani but he ignores them. Trepidation fills Delani's body as he approaches the strange bird as it's talons are larger than any man's foot. Delani studies this unique creature with brown feathers on its face, back and wings with white feathers from the chest to it's knees. The Chickcharney positions itself to show Delani that it poses no threat. Zola squeezes Thabo's hand as Delani uses a sharp rock to cut the rope. The Chickcharney flies away chirping “thoooaaannkk Yooooouuu”. Thabo marches on as he is determined to go get his mother. Zola and Delani have to run to catch up with Thabo. One of Mr. Williams men finds a piece of Delani's shirt as it was hanging from a branch. He let's his hound sniff it and releases the dog. The children reach the back of the Farquharson plantation. They watch the slaves work from the Forrest and wait for night fall before they make their move. The children scout the location until they find the slave quarters. There are at least 50 slaves on the Farquharson plantation and Nomsa is found cooking in an outdoor oven. Nomsa looks up with a smile when she sees Thabo and the children. Nomsa and Thabo hug each other tightly. “Thabo what in God's name are you doing here, they will kill you” says a worried Nomsa. “i came to get you mum” says Thabo as he grabs her hand. The four of them run back towards the Forrest. As Delani is running a dog bites his leg Nomsa grabs a stick and beats the dog off.“Run away slaves” shouts one of Mr. Williams men. A gun is fired and Nomsa is hit in the stomach. The gunman aims for a second shot but before he able to pull the trigger he is lifted violently into the air. Thabo and Zola try to get Nomsa to stand up. The shot to the stomach makes it hard for Nomsa to walk. Delani is also limping noticeably as the four of them hobble towards the Forrest. In the distance more dogs can be heard barking. As they enter the Forrest a familiar sound catches the children's attention. The Chickcharney is signaling them to follow. They move as fast as they can but the injuries inflicted upon them is slowing them down drastically. The dogs can be heard gaining ground. Nomsa collapses as she has no energy left Thabo tries to help his mother up. “go Thabo yal go head i'm dun, don't let em catch you baby.” says an exhausted Nomsa. “mum I ain leavin” replies Thabo defiantly. The Chickcharney takes flight as the children tend to Nomsa. A dog enters the Forrest sniffing for the scent. The Dog barks loudly when it locates the scent that leads to Nomsa and the children. The Chickcharney circles above the dog and then dives a loud yelp is the last we hear of the hound. On guard the Chickcharney perches on a branch high above. A slave driver and his hound enter the Forrest hot on the trail. The slave driver never saw it coming as he is snatched from above by the Chickcharney. The dog is frightened and leaves the Forrest with its tail between its legs. The scared dog runs straight pass another slave driver who enters the Forrest cautiously. As he enters something darts across his path and he tries to follow. Mr. Williams enters the Forrest and as he walks he notices a trail of blood. The slave driver walks through the Forrest until he reaches a clearing with a huge opening to a cave. As he looks down he thinks its about a 20 foot drop to the bottom. He spits into the cave. When he turns around he is looking face to face with the Chickcharney. He goes blind looking into the eyes of the Chickcharney and he stumbles around until he drops in the cave opening. A bone crunching crack can be heard. Nomsa has regained some of her strength and she tries to stand, Thabo and Zola help support her. Delani limps on after them when suddenly he is snatched by Mr. Williams “come here boy your mine.” says an angry Mr. Williams. “where do you niggers think ya going, I dun paid a hefty price for ya” says Mr. Williams as he snatches Zola. Nomsa tries to defend Zola and Mr. Williams gun butts her in the head. Nomsa collapses to the floor. Thabo rushes Mr. Williams and punches him in the belly but he isn't strong enough. Mr. Williams kicks Thabo to the ground and aims his shotgun at Thabo. The Chickcharney flies in front of Thabo and a frightened Mr. Williams takes aim at the Chickcharney but as he tries to pull the trigger an intense force pushes against his face, he can feel the push push turn turn crack. Mr. Williams collapses to the ground dead with his head facing backwards. The children try to get Nomsa to stand but she can hardly sit up. As the children struggle the Chickcharney walks over and takes Nomsa gently in its talons and takes off. Not long after the Chickcharney returns and beckons the children to follow it. The Chickcharney leads Thabo, Zola and Delani to the beach. Thabo looks at the Chickcharney and it points towards the seas. As Thabo takes a look he notices a boat with Nomsa laying in it. The children run onto the boat and the Chickcharney pulls them out to sea.

The end

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The Color On Tha Bahamas Now is not Just for show check for other links by clicking on various colors for interesting facts and where you may purchase items