Concept Drawing First Draft of Quantum by Thane Smith

God Complex
Written By P and K HannaLand

Heroes Bridge

Divine Council’s

Peace Architects Series

Quantum Series

God Complex

37Quadtrillion ME*@#=:

1978-2015AD Quantum #1:

Physica is with Doc Pastry, Sargeant Secratary and Repsyha as they are battling to save disabled children from being purged. The Monumentals Bless them and Join them as Other Divine who have fallen want those Children and the Monumantals erased from existence as they feel they are mistakes. Physica begins defending Dysfunctional Robots and other old tech as well as she freaks.

GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi are all on the run from their original homelands and are on the borders of Ketemah when a bomb explodes which was fired at them from their former Lynavan allies who they robbed of 40 million dollars. The bomb opens a crater in the Earth and they fall into an Earth Hell Prison cavern chamber leading to the first layer of Heroxun’s cell. The ScyDemuns have Attacked the Divine Council with the help of Some of Omega children and demun spawn. The Earth is so Busy Fighting that it can only keep the Planet in orbit and can answer no call because of how powerful the force that came. GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi make their way into Heroxun’s hell cell gate after a month of hiding in the caverns and as they searched for food they were guided by Heroxun as the Hellguard numbers we’re too low to keep trying to get him to repent and change and punishing him for the crimes he would commit if he we’re released. Heroxun kills the 4 Hellguard but cannot escape. Heroxun has secretly cooked the Hellguard and embued it with his once divine power as he was a God of Equalia once. Heroxun was a noble God for the most part but his jealousy and Chauvinistic ways became apparent When Abati Gazi aka Father Time chooses his younger sister Karima to Rule and Governor Equalia in his absence. As Abati Gazi has chosen to reside in the Eternal Time Tower to solve a Multiversal Time travel set of Quantum Dilemmas. Heroxun tried to kill his sister when she would not give him the Crown and Father Time punched him 5 Million Trillion Lightyears to Earth’s Special Hell cell for Divine Offspring. Heroxun promises them food and let’s them smell it and so they use all of their bombs that they had stolen from their former Lynavan Allies to blow open the Hell gate. The Bombs go off and while the Hell gate is only dented portions of the Earth are destroyed surrounding the gate allowing them to enter but too small for Heroxun to leave as he tries for 4 hours before feeding them. The Earth feels the blast in the Heavens Dimension and falls to its divine knees. The Sun and Mercury notice and begin pressing harder on the Scydemun army. The Sun begins to burn the evil demuns as Mercury battles like Achilles with the powers of a God or Goddess. GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi promise to go get more explosives and Heroxun teaches them about the abilities that he has given to each of them and makes them all swear to be his acolytes and they agree without a second thought. Heroxun waits for three weeks before trying to break down the Hellgate but he stops as he is deathly hungry 5 weeks later and throws his bowl when he realizes that GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi are sealing him in. GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi As soon as they got out of the Cavern and back at the borders of Ketemah GeRuler screams “We are the Nu Gods and the World is now ours we are acolytes to no one.” Umbusi suggests “Let’s seal him in and build our Empire here and enslave Ketemah!” and they all agreed. They spent 200 Million US dollars to build their castle after they robbed the riches Banks in the World. They begin a rain of Terror and crush the Ketemah Government turning into mere puppets on very thin strings.

We travel across the Atlantic to the Bahamas on the Island of the Bahamas. The moonlight is shining brightly out Adelaide Road as four men in masks and with large duffle bags run to the beach where a boat is waiting on the water as they run they fire backward PHYSICA is running and uses her powers to stop and alter the direction of the bullets. The four men turn around and drop their bags and just begin to fire at Physica she does not stop and she holds out her hand stopping the bullets mid-air and she redirects them at the guns and all four men drop their guns two of them curse as she jumps and changes direction mid-air before she comes down and rises up again with devastating blows. She watches as the getaway driver tries to leave and then uses her power to pull the boat onto shore and grabs the getaway driver. The four gunmen and getaway driver lay on the floor tied up.

Physica says ”You young fools disappoint me tremendously. You all should be ashamed of yourselves resorting to robbing a bank taking the cash of hard-earned citizens! Now I will be taking you to jail! You recklessly throw away your lives when you should have just worked hard. You crooks always want things quick and easy. You heartless villains took that security guards life and now I pray each of you never sees the light of day again.” We are next on a rooftop of a business that is downtown Nassau at 1am. PHYSICA and PROFESSOR ELECTRIC sit on the rooftop

Physica says “I'm truly gonna miss this place!” Physica begins to cry and Professor electric hugs her before saying “The Bahamas is about to lose its best scientist and superhero all because of Male Chauvinism. When will we learn our women are of equal value to our men?” Physica wipes her tears and says “Matari was ready to make the Bahamas his home when I revealed to him I was Physica! I felt so proud to love a man who would make that sacrifice and move for my benefit and now that the government won't give him citizenship and then to follow that up they cancel funding on my experiments I have had enough! I'm sad to say this but I'm leaving, can Professor Electric protect my islands while I'm gone?” Professor electric looks at her and confidently says “You are leaving these islands in very capable hands I assure you.”

We next travel North to a secret USA military base in the Secret state named Roman Star its is 10:27pm and it is a cold October night. Several soldiers and scientist move around the compound several researchers are watching super-powered beings on multiple screens. The camera pans until we stop at Simon Winslow watching Physica and Professor Electric live. CAPTIAN BERKELY approaches and Simon nervously stands to attention. Simon quickly salutes before saying “The satellite feed is clear Sir, I haven't yet identified what her powers are exactly but she is definitely one of the most powerful supers in the western hemisphere depending on her limits she very well can be one of the most powerful in the world!” Captian Berkely smiles and says takes a puff of his cigar and says “We already know she is on the move I need those abilities assessed we need to know what her powers are and their limits! Is that Clear? I want every super-powered being on this planet assessed and documented.” Simon coughs and then says “I will make sure the team works day and night until we know everything, Sir!”

Captain Berkely leaves and Simon sits down as Leonard rolls his chair over. Leonard who has returned to playing computer games Leans over and says “The Bahamas really don't know what they are losing, do they?”

We next travel East Across the Atlantic to Ketema airport it is 12pm when they arrive. MATARI and SUSAN MIZURI are waiting at the baggage claim as Susan goes to grab one of her big bags as Matari gently stops her and says “Susan, you are pregnant, you need to relax and let me lift these bags” Susan sucks her teeth and then smiles when he gives her the puppy dog face and says “ok ok Matari! I relax lift away, my sweet love!” Matari kisses Susan before grabbing all the bags and then Matari calls over a porter who comes and carries the bag on a cart. Matari leads them out to customs and then out towards the exit. Matari signals a taxi and the couple get in. Susan and matari sit In the taxi and look at ketema it is a clowdy day and the streets are busy. Susan says “That was more white people than I expected to see in Africa!” Matari smiles and says “”most of them are descendants of the colonizers from Lynavo! Ketema was once a colony of the European country. Susan is smiling as she looks at the beautiful city. Susan says “o ok ya like the Bahamas was to England! Ketema is very beautiful love.” Matari responds “I'm glad you think so, I know you will miss home but I promise to give you the best life I can for you and our child! After a three hour drive from the Airport they arrive at the Mizuri mansion which has it’s own farm and ranch. Susan is unpacking her bag and she smiles as she places her things in her new huge closet. Susan pulls out her Physica outfit and begins to stare at it. Matari comes in with some more bags. Matari says “You promised me until the child is off breastfeeding before you start that again” Susan rolls her eyes and says “I know love, I was just thinking of home, I feel conflicted as I am a Bahamian hero, I feel like I'm leaving my home unprotected.” Matari rubs her belly and says “You are a daughter of mother earth, a citizen of the world, is the Bahamas the only place in the world that needs you? you left Professor Electric and a few other heroes to defend your home, the Bahamas will be fine. It is my loving arms that need you the most!”

We next time hop to the interior of the Princess Annabell hospital Ketema day. It is January 3rd 1979. Matari is holding Susan's hand as she strains in labour, the doctor pulls the child out and has a look of disbelief as the child's body initially has the entire universe as his skin color he gradually turns brown and the doctor hands the baby to Susan who is smiling at her child the doctor begins to pray as a nurse bows down. Matari is looking at his son with pride and wonder. Susan says “its a boy love, you get to pick the first name!” Matari smiles and kisses her and says “My Divine Nubian Queen We shall name him Matu” We next time hop five months later and we are at a Keteman downtown street at 1pm. MATARI and SUSAN walk with MATU in the stroller as they walk a Thief runs past pushing Matari who almost falls. A woman screams “Stop thief stop thief!” Susan uses her powers to trip the thief and pulls the bag away from him. The man scrambles and gets away but leaves the bag which the woman recovers

At the Mizuri mansion later that evening Susan sits as she holds Matu and sings a lullaby. We transition through a montage of Susan and Matari caring for Matu over the course of 14 months (Matu has an instance where he is in the crib crying because he is hungry he teleports himself to Susan who smiles and feeds him)(we see them celebrating Matu's birthday).

Int. Mizuri Mansion night

Susan rests Matu in the crib and heads to her bedroom Matari is already laying in bed reading a book. Susan walks past him and into the closet.


Hun I think its time i went back to work


I thought you were starting next week baby?

Susan comes back out with her Physica uniform mostly on.


What the hell are you thinking? why can't you just settle down baby? live a peaceful life with me and Matu!


Ketema needs my help! When you met me I was already a superhero and you said you could except it.


Ketema is bigger and more dangerous than the Bahamas


I am not afraid I am a warrior of peace and justice. Ketema is corrupt and we owe it to Matu and all the other Keteman children to give them a safe environment to grow up in.

Susan finishes putting on her costume heads to the window blows a kiss to Matari and jumps out. Matu can be heard crying and Matari goes and picks him up.

Int. secret USA military base night

Simon is watching Physica as he looks through a copy of her research on her powers.


She is friggin amazing she tied her powers into her academics and career like none ive seen before her, she even identified her own ability.

Simon stops reading and stands as Captain Berkely approaches

Captian Berkely

hows our database coming along


Sir we have the best power database in the world we have identified and documented almost the entire super-powered population sir.

Captian Berkely

Good and have you identified what Physica's power is and how she obtained it


We have gotten samples of her blood and tested it, She is a Quantum human, her powers are hereditary and her powers have been identified as Physics manipulation. We also have reports from the hospital that her son Matu also has abilities.

Captian Berkely

Brief me on what is Physics manipulation!


A person with Physics Manipulation can create, shape and manipulate the Laws of Physics, everything dealing with matter and its motion and behavior through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force, including momentum, friction, vectors, inertia, etc. They could, for example, change the direction a ball moves and how fast it travels. She hasn't learnt to fully control her energy manipulation but she is exceptionally strong in the force.

Captian Berkely

does her son have the same powers


we are not sure yet it will take some time to find out Sir!

int. Ketema lab day

Susan is conducting an experiment with her lab partner IMARI who is adjusting the laser he accidentally sets off the laser. Imari closes his eyes as he knows its too late for him but when he opens his eyes he feels around his body and then looks down and sees no wound he then looks at Susan who he begins to realize his holding the laser back


Imari you have to move! I don't know how much longer I can hold this!

Imari moves and when he is safely away Susan releases the laser which hits the experimental target.


You are a Goddess and you have shown me mercy o' wonderous and heavenly one


I am no Goddess just a special woman. Please, Imari, keep my secret and tell no one.

int. MIzuri mansion matus room day

MATU is in his crib when the power goes out


what happened

Susan (O.S.)

sorry i used too much power give me a sec

Matu uses his power to make the lights cut on and Matari walks in the room amazed he picks up Matu who giggles and carries him through the house to Susan and each light cuts back on as they walk through the house. Susan is getting a flashlight and about to leave the lab when Matari walks in with Matu and the power cuts back on. Susan stares at Matu in amazement.

int. MIzuri mansion susan's lab day

Susan is in her lab testing Matu's abilities and she learns how to manipulate energy by watching him she uses her own abilities to limit his powers.

ext. downtown Ketema day

MATARI, SUSAN, and Matu walk through the city.

A woman gives Susan a basket of food, another brings a basket of fruit and candles. The two women begin bowing to Susan and praying

woman 1

O Goddess of the islands bless us and forgive me for my sins please take my offering


Please, ladies, get up I am no Goddess I am just a woman like you.

Woman 2

You have power beyond you are the mother of a God, you bless Ketema with your presence Goddess.

Other Keteman citizens bring gifts for Matu and begin bowing to him and Susan. Susan grabs Matu and Matari leads them away from the swelling crowd.

ext. ketema lab night

As Susan leaves the lab she is approached by GeRuler

ge ruler

My Sister the Bahamian Goddess, greetings


i am not a Goddess sir just a scientist trying to help Ketema

ge ruler

You are so much more

Ge Ruler attacks Susan forcing her to use her abilities to survive

ge ruler

why do you hide among the plebians when they should be serving your every need


I dont need servants and these people need our help not for us to dominate them. I am a servant of mother earth and thats all i want to be!

ge ruler

You rather be a unappreciated hero well you are unfit to raise a God so it looks that i must raise him then!


what the fuck do you know about my son you stay the hell away from him

Susan attacks but Ge Ruler leaves too quickly for Susan to catch him

Ext. MIzuri mansion night

The soldiers and prophets of the Nu āmalikiti surround the house as the Prophet EKONU kicks in the door and sends in soldiers.

Int. Mizuri Mansion night

Susan is ready! Susan alternating running down the railing of the stairs and on the side of the wall while cracking soldiers skulls with her fist. Susan jumps down and disarms 7 soldiers before kicking them all unconscious. Matari puts Matu in the room and closes the door. Ekonu begins attacking Susan. Ekonu knows he can't win but he distracts Susan enough for GE RULER who enters from behind and stabs Susan from behind MATARI screams as he attacks but Ekonu cuts his head off. Ge Ruler opens the door and picks up the crying Matu as Ekonu runs in the closet and grabs Susan's Quantum human research double-checking to make sure Matu's file is there.

A Neighbor named Zuhlala Knocks on the Mizuri mansion as she is a Priestess Servant for the Mizuri Royal line and when she finds the Dead couple and can't find Matu she sends a telepathci image to the Mizuri Family and the Storanga Family as Both Families Send Heroes to KEtemah to avenge the Storanga Mizuri couple and find Prince Matu Mizuri. The Lynavans and many other Afircans ally and enemy are all still at war with each other over love rivalries as other Countries planets, and realms plot on each other.

int. Nu amalikiti temple Matu's chambers day

January 3rd 1992 Matu sleeps as Ge Ruler enters the room followed by servants carrying gifts

ge ruler

Awake my son it is your glorious birthday

Matu sits up and rubs his eyes


Thank you my wise and powerful father

Matu stands and the Servants bow

ge ruler

open your gifts

Matu happily opens his gifts and places them on his bed he has received a

int. Nu amalikiti temple rulers court day

GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi are seated they stand as MATU walks up

ext. Nu Amalikiti gardens day

EKONU walks with MATU and leads him to GeRuler's Daughter Ada, Umbusi's son Taj , and Mtawala's son Chike,


Now Matu see if you can energize these 3 and lets see how long it lasts

Matu channels his energy and then empowers the three. They each display the power that Matu has given them and Ekonu Smiles.

int. Nu amalikiti temple court yard balcony day

GeRuler, Mtawala, and Umbusi


That bastard Heroxun did not give us it all our powers remain only with us we betrayed him too quickly

ge ruler

By divine will we have been given a way! even if Matu can't give them power immortal he will marry my daughter and continue the power in our lines.

int. Nu amalikiti temple study chambers day

MTAWALA is reading a history book to MATU. Matu closes it in frustration


this world is in chaos! There is so much evil! if we are Gods should we not do something to save it, teacher?


You act like evil has no purpose. Matu Evil is necessary and a true God must be a master of Evil as well as good.


I don't see it that way


then you are a weak God incapable and unworthy of ruling! You must embrace the evil within! come with me boy

MTAWALA opens a portal and walks through MATU gets up and follows.

Ext. african village day

MATU comes through the portal and watches as MTAWALA currupts one person who currupts another until the whole village is curropted in chaos and flames and Mtawala feeds and grows stronger. Matu hides his tears as he watches

int. Nu amalikiti temple celebration chambers night

January 3rd 1998 MATU sits with GE RULER as the festivities commence several ladies dance for a song and then fire dancers come on followed by a magician. Ge Ruler makes a toast

ge ruler

Let us stand and drink to my sons birthday may he be a True God of might and power.

THE PARTY all drink and music begins to play. some of the Other Gods begin dancing. Mtawala is seated on the other side of Matu and he is staring at a lady dancing with her husband. Mtawala goes up and takes the wife away. The Wife is in shock, the husband falls to his knees


o great and powerful Mtawala please spare me my wife as i am your humble servant


Stop the music, please! O great teacher you are one with many wives and concubines do me this favor on my birthday show mercy to this man.


Mercy is for the weak! She will become my concubine and that is final!


my Lord, I beg you I love her! There is no other meant for me in this life! I just prayed and begged for one special wife and this is her whom my heart truly loves


Go find another or die now


kill me then because i do not want to live without her


Noooo my love im not worth it move on



Mtawala takes the husbands life as the wife cries. Mtawala drags her to sit on his lap and then commands the music to continue.

int. Nu amalikiti temple study chambers day



Teacher why don't we send one of our followers into politics and control all of Africa instead of letting it rot and be divided by foreigners.


We need the foreigners evil to disrupt everything so that we can institute our grand take over plans, we are weeding out the non-followers and doing it without having to raise a finger.


But you risk losing more followers by not making a stronger move now if we show our mercy and strength to the people by protecting and defending them then they will rejoice in prayers to you o great Mtawala


oo you want to be the god of love well i want to be the God of Fear and Obedience but you are right we should move now.

int. Nu amalikiti temple rulers court day

Matu sits as the sinners are paraded in front of him


bow now before your God and worship no other than the Nu Amalikiti or burn in the flames

The sinners are forced to bow but 3 wont. Ekonu gets ready to give the command for them to be whipped but Matu stops him and appraoches the 3 standing sinners. he goes up to the first a shivering woman


and why will you not bow

Christian woman

I believe in one God and i believe it a sin to bow to any other

Matu walks up to the second man who stands sweating


And why will you not bow


One of the Nu Amalikiti murdered my family

Matu goes to the third man who looks ready to die


And why will you not bow

Gay man

I am gay and proud, I will not change my ways I wish to be burnt like my lover.

Matu leaves the Chambers as Ekonu puts the 3 Sinners who would not convert into

Ext. Nu āmalikiti Temple fire pits day

The sinners are all gathered by the fire pits and each of the Gods make the sinners walk into the fire. MATU alters the fire for his select few and FEECHI watches and notices the slight changes in the flame he goes to GeRuler.

Ext. Edge of Ketema day

The CHOSEN of Matu are teleported here in amazement they jump for joy and some pray. SABRA speaks to them telepathically


Matu has granted you lot mercy run from this place and find safe refuge.

The chosen try to decide where to go. FEECHI and his army teleport behind the refugees and slaughter them.

ext. Keteman Mountains day

that night Matu teleported to the mountains he walks through the mountains and he comes to a clearing where he sits and begins to meditate. Matu searches for food as he searches OYA calls to him.


Let me look upon you so that i know your lineage


Who are you to ask a God of the Nu āmalikiti such intimate knowledge


I am Oya


Oya the Orisha


The one and the same, do the tales do me justice

Oya reveals a mere portion of her power


O great Goddess forgive a young God's ignorance


Come close so that I may know you

Matu walks toward her and she places her hand on his head


O thank the suns and planets


You are relieved, Empress!


Yes you are not the bastard child of my husband like i thought you to be. Poor and noble Matu, why have you run so far


i do not want to be what they want me to be, i am a God that is unhappy with the other Gods


young child know that you are not a God but a special human! Though your powers may rival that of a God you are human born and should humble thyself and make oneself worthy for a place in a heaven. There are those at your side that are also false Gods they are wicked and corrupt, the order that you once was council is wrong they seek power and know not the responsibility. They murdered your true parents and raised you in their corrupt order to further their wicked cause. Come close i will reveal all!

Matu walks toward her and she once again places her hand on his head. Matu sees brief glimpses of who his parents were and then he sees the night his parents were killed and he begins to cry his body turns to pure energy and tears, in reality, start happening


Calm yourself young one

Matu does not calm but before he goes too far Oya puts him to sleep.

Matu awakes


how do you feel youngling


I have been cheated of my parents and my life has been a blasphemous lie! how ashamed I am of what I was


Even under their manipulation you still showed sense and mercy, you have the qualities of a champion. Matu you must learn your own way now, you have a long and hard road to walk

Matu awakens and balls up and cries when he has his memories of his parents taking care of him. Matu tears off his clothes and runs to the river and bathes he is talking to himself a and washing. Matu teleports a bar of soap to himself and says “I kissed their evil cheeks and called her mummy and him daddy, and they slaughtered my parents for power I must bathe away my eternal sins.” Scrubs himself roughly as he cries in extreme pain. When Matu is tired of scrubbing he leaves the water and creates a Quantum outfit and creates a Quantum house and goes and lays down and continues to cry. Oya visits him and makes the house and his clothes real. Oya cooks for him and gives him brief glimpses of his mother and father. For Days Oya continues to stay with him and allows Matu to talk with his parents in heaven. Quantum sees his mother as an Allguard and cries tears of pride. Oya explains the multiverse to Quantum and she begins to tell him about his abilities.

As Matu Walks Olorun Speaks with him Olorun says “


I will free the people of the Nu āmalikiti's corrupt grasp


Become the Champion this Earth needs

Quantum is flying through the forrest trying to race back to the temple to get revenge when He sees the spiritual form of his mother with Anubis who stops Quantum and sits him down and takes out the scales which are even at 50/50. Quantum notices this and feels ashamed. Anubis asks so how will you make up for your past sins child of pain and manipulation, what road will you walk after your revenge?Who was your Mother?What did she stand for? What will you stand for? Quantum stands and says “I want to pay for my sins so that I can walk a correct path.” Anubis takes Quantum to a special rehabilitation hell where those that have committed great sins but have redeemed themselves first go. Quantum spends 3 years in hell. Karima then joins Anubis in training Quantum in the ways of heroes. They show Quantum all the realms and Quantum Promises to never travel to the Heavens dimension unlessed demanded. When Quantum is finished his hero training he given a month with his parents in the Equalia Heaven. At the end of their time Physica and Mzuri hug Quantum before he awakes in the forest 5 miles away from the Temple and his ability to teleport has returned but Quantum walks.

Ext. Nu āmalikiti Temple gates day

MATU walks up to the gates and tears them down as the guards attack him he blasts them out of existence eliminating them particle by particle the Elder Gods come down and begin to gang Matu until he powers up and blows Mtawala out of Existence The Elder Gods begin to run as Matu is after Ge Ruler he uses his abilities to suspend Ge Ruler in the Air and brakes each limb before shooting him with a quantum energy blast close range.’ Their children and followers retreat leaving everything behind. Quantum frees the slaves and tells them to leave the palace grounds as “This Demonic place is not fit for Earth! No one shall have to live in beds of blood again.”

int. Nu amalikiti temple

Matu teleports the Temple to the hell dimension after he freed the slaves.

Quantum then hunts down all of the Nu āmalikiti Children to take back the power he gave them.

As Quantum faces off against the 3rd one he had found Quantum decides to increase his opponents … power levels so that he can be challenged.

… tries to ambush Quantum in Mechanized super amor. Quantum teleports the Armor to a dimension where he can use them later as … and his army run Quantum teleports them one by one to the hell dimension.

As Quantum faces off against one of them who was planning to commit a genocide he laughs when he is attacked and decides Quantum kills him within three moves and teleports his body into his bed in the Nu āmalikiti Temple in the new hell dimension he has found while searching the astral plane.


Thomas Hollander is walking as the press bombard him with questions

Reporter 1

Do you think you can become the next presidential candidate for the Republican party


SIMON is siting waiting on her she comes in and begins to play with him she kisses him but stops to shuts the blinds. She stops and bows as THOMAS HOLLANDER walks in and closes the door and before he transforms into his true form of DECIMATUS, she transforms into a demon and Simon freaks out.


What the fuck are you what do you want with me.


I am a Demon with the highest of ambitions. I want to be God almighty, i have ruled or governed in many a place from realms in hell to earthly domains such as Rome, England and now i have set my sights on the good old USA, i will soon show existence that i am the perfect ruler. The Perfect Ruler needs the perfect army and i shall build one to rule the heavens and dominate the hells

SIMON tries to run but he is to slow Decimatus takes over his mind and his eyes go red.

Int. Professor Electric den

The elderly Professor Electric guides Matu through his home to his secret den. Professor electric shows Matu pictures of Physica and newspaper articles, Matu pauses on one in particular that reads "the need for heroes in society". he smiles as he reads.

Professor electric

Your Mom was a great super Hero she defended the people with no thought for reward.

Professor Electric then shows Matu some of Physica's old experiments.

Professor electric

Your mother was a Quantum Physicist in her regular life. She was truly a great Scientist she made these for me

Professor Electric shows Matu the experiments that she had made for Professor Electric.

exT. Bahamas

Professor Electric

So what Super Hero name will you take


Im going with Quantum

int. MIzuri home day

Matu walks into the house and after he closes the door he falls to the floor in pain. MAtu begins to pray before he stands and begins looking through the house. He finds a picture book and begins to cry when he sees his baby pictures with both his parents. MAtu falls asleep in the house. Quantum finds her Knights of Justice files and smiles at the picture of Physica and Repsyha. Quantum notices a contact for Repsyha and decides to call

Lighthouse Cay Rehabilitation Center

Eva welcomes Quantum into her office and talks with him telepathically so that they don’t make anyone aware. “Your mum was one of my best friends, we were rivals in college and she would always beat me in races but she kept motivating me to keep going and while I didn’t beat her I benefited from it tremendously, I have fought by her side in battle countless times and she is a true warrior and the Bahamas embarrassed us all by forcing her to leave, Your mother Achieved her Doctors in Physics as one of the youngest students ever. Me and your mother where the darkest skinned women that had been allowed to travel at that time as they use to make us do a paper bag test to see if we were light skinned enough to be educated. Eva shares some of her Memories with Quantum who breaks down crying as he hugs Eva who reassures him that “ Everything is gonna be alright baby we your family to, if you need any thing just come over any time infact I want you to meet my children.” Quantum agrees and he heads to get lunch and finish chores as Repsyha finishes off a few more patients.

Quantum meets Queen Justice, Pharoah, 3rd Eye, Brigadier General, Stallion, and Lightspeed.

They take Matu to a Soca concert and he is going wild. He is dancing with so many girls that they begin to fight over who is dancing with him. Lightspeed distracts them and Quantum escapes and heads back to the bar as they order another round as another Soca performer hits the stage.

Quantum returns to Lighthouse Cay for the Christmas Junkanoo tournament. Quantum has decided to be a Valley boy

like his mother and buys a Valley boy shirt and flag. Quantum enjoys the Junkanoo parade with his new family.

3rd eye convinces Quantum to try a joint and starts to regret it as when Quantum gets high for a joke he keeps teleporting 3rd eye different places and laughing. Quantum teleports Doc Scy Fy’s joint and begins to smoke it as Doc Scy Fy secretly hexes him and a storm cloud let’s a lightening bolt loose which cracks him on the back and it begins to rain so Quantum teleports the joint back to Doc Scy Fy and the storm subsides.

Quantum would return to the Bahamas for the Summer and his first stop is to Professor Electric before he hits the Soulsby’s. Mark Soulsby takes them all out on his boat Ocean friend and takes them to Hibisucs island 50 km from Lighthouse Cay

Ext Ketema night

2005 AD DECIMATUS and his demon troops surround QUANTUM. Decimatus watches as his troops try to take down Quantum who fights valiantly defeating them all but they were only there to expend his energy and Decimatus comes in and Quantum punches him to no effect Decimatus grabs Quantum by the head and infects Quantums mind who screams trying to resist. Decimatus drops Quantum who falls to the ground in agony. Quantum stops and rises he opens his red eyes.


Are You Ready?


Yes Master!

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Quantum Dilemma
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Divine Artistic Novel #:7

A Quantum Dilemma (2016-2030 AD)

2016 AD Quantum has Teleported Navy General and the Soulsby’s and several of his Friends from around the globe to one of the African festivals honoring the Ancestors Earthly and Divine. Quantum has also teleported Several Junkanoo groups that he hired to perform for the Ketemah citizens. Quantum takes them all on a Safari trip in several Special nature reserves around Ketemah and then around Africa. The Royals from the different Nations in Africa are all visited as they each have private dinner parties with Quantum and his guests. Royals from the United Nations 195 states that have not violated the International Laws are brought in and many celebrations, festivals, and balls are had around several places in Africa. Quantum is taken to special locations for the Earth to recharge his energy after teleporting so many. The Solarians then take special select guests with them on a mini tour of the solar system as they let Annarrah tell a few tales before teleporting them all to the places Quantum prepared for them each. During the Festival Several Fights break out among the heroes, Royals, and politicians and Quantum just cries as he teleports everyone back to their homes including the special staff who had already been paid in full with a bonus as things were going so well.

Hermatta and Brosyleon are with Alpha in a Special secret location as they converse about the Multiversal Dilemma’s that keep occurring across the Multiverse and how to help the Eternal Children. Brosyleon teleports away as he senses several beings trying to resurrect Omega who wants to destroy existence because since Omega feels it does not want to live nothing else should. Alpha is studying the Marital arrangements and how the commitments played out in the Trail Heavens. Hermatta shows Alpha all the Case files as they discuss each at length. Hermatta brings out the new Divorce cases filed by the Divine Council and both cry as they take a break to refresh their Divine Spirits.

A Quantum Dilemma huh well tell me about it hey Good Beings across da Multiverse its your Divine Narrator Anarrah. Well let me tell ya a tale I was blessed wit ta tell yinna! See the Universe was Vex and the original Suns and Moons were fighting over Summa and Winta and so da Universe catch dem after dey start partying too much and slip in some Astroterrestrials After the Planets had stop picking sides and realized they needed them both fe all ta survivez. The Divine Council stepped in and Show this one Universe it was actually the youngest but the older set didn’t even wan come meet it cuz it was already thinkin it was the only and only and most mightiest so they boxed that mofo in like Ali.

22nd August 2021 Navy General who is 90 years old but granted special Gifts from the Earth is on his rounds as the Allguard send in his final test. Navy General is teleported to an alternate time line where there is absolute chaos when so many went the most evil of paths. Navy General takes down many and just before he dies they allow Pearl in Angel form to come collect him and go on another honey money in Purgatory as they train for Allguard duty. Pearl teaches Navy General the hidden facts of the Allguard as she teases him in Latin and several of the Similar languages across the multiverse. Navy General spends time with Pearl but she simply disappears and Navy General is forced into a combat training Scenario on an Alien Planet to save Pearl and his children. On Earth the Planet places the Honorary body of Navy General in his Bed and they allow him to talk to only two last people and he choose 5th Eye and Red Dawn his Daughters. Navy General says his last good byes as they both try to keep him alive at all costs and he fights the angels to stay with them longer saying “just a little more time Generals’ my girls need me!” Pearl in angel Form show’s up and the sisters simply hug their daddy as they let the angels take his soul without fighting them. The Funeral for Navy General has the Bahamas in Morning as another one of its founding Father’s and Heroes passes the test of time and like energy never dies but transforms through karma’s destinations by the will of the Divine Council. The Bahamian people honor Amari Soulsby by placing him on the new $400.00 dollar bill as they honored his good friend The first black Prime Minister Wilbert Ferguson on the $1000.00 dollar bill. The Soulsby and other close Relatives have a bon fire after they celebrate his memory with many of the Bahamian Politicians past and present. The Bahamas and news outlets around the globe remember Former Hero, Peace Officer, Deputy Prime Minister and Governor General; Amari Soulsby’s accomplishments and the accomplishments of the various organizations he worked with and helped to promote peace on the Earth and with several Alien Nations. Several Aliens send special sky displays to mourn the passing of Navy General.

2010 August 13th Daybringer is trying to get all the other Dragud's, Magiwolves, Birdystics to understand that he does not want the Polygamy or Polymorous life style as 3rd Eye does the same to the Royals from his sides of the family. Daybringer and 3rd Eye have to stop fighting crime and keep hiding out as civilians, Soldiers, Activist, Generals, and Politicians, Anti - Hereos, and Villians all fake emergency scenarios to get them to sleep with other people. The Divine Love Council Sends in the Hell Guards, Blud Charney, Divine Punishers, Divine Executionrs and the Love Angels Protectors. The Soulmates keep facing the same scenraio and screaming out in many ways and Rainsbow hearts appear appear across the Multiverse screaming and crying.

2016 February 20th Quantum invites Ninja Tech and Ninja Tech’s select guests to Ketemah for Several Concerts by Artist from all around Africa. Quantum and Ninja Tech are in Quantum’s Royal Studio. Ninja is amazed at the advanced Music Production software and Quantum Pays Ninja Tech to produce beats for several of his Artist along with his personal album. Ninja Tech Plays Quantum a beat that he made especially for Quantum who loves it and begins to dance. Quantum says “Young Mozart this one gatt go to one of my artist it’s to good for me my good friend.” Ninja Tech makes Quantum swear that he will keep the beats made especially for him and Quantum promises. Quantum sends the other beats he bought from Ninja Tech to the Various Artist that he sponsors that are on the Sound Brigade and work around the globe. 27th February; Empress Ramdee and Repsyha take the young children as Boomshack goes to the Concerts with his friends, children and their friends. Quantum has them all with the latest in African fashion as he let them choose as he took them shopping from the 20th to the 24th. In March sometime towards the end o their celebrations Ninja Tech convinces Quantum to work on his album and let Ninja Tech record and produce the whole thing. Several of the Others stay behind to wait to hear the Album as Quantum teleports the others where they are needed most.

July 23rd Queen Zutaniai is with her two husbands on their Private plane from Swahili and have just touched down in one of Ketemah’s Airports. An airport worker is about to call her a slut when she kisses both of them as they lift her bags. The Airport Worker Hadiuchanu is grabbed by several of his co workers and given a warning. Hadiuchanu makes an excuse to leave work early and follows the Royal family and takes pictures of the two Kings and Queen enjoying a break from their Parental and royal duties. Hadiuchanu leaks the photos to several other news outlets around the globe who are against female led Polygamy. Quantum teleports Queen Zutaniai, her husbands and other International royal guests to his Private vacation homes for them as he contacts Justice Media and several other Interfaith News stations to help as his guests family members are being attacked because they agree or allow it.

Since Navy General arrived in purgatory 1000 years have passed in Training Universe time for several Allguard trainees but in 3rd Dimension Time Systems it would still now be 2021 AD. Navy Sheriff greets Navy General in Purellation As Navy Sheriff is on a Divine mission to sort out the Polygamous Christians before moving to the next stage in preparation for those that are still achieving their place in a Heaven. Navy Sheriff breaks down crying because he can’t choose between his three wives and Navy General feels guilty because Navy Sheriff Wives all died on him and they were in love at the times of their death. The Hell Guard on Duty is Black Sun and he pours them each Nubian Drinks and teaches them Mythological Moral Stories of the Perils of Love in The Multiverse. Shango is showing all of them how each of their talent keeps them adding people that don’t value them and only certain ones do and that there are certain love numbers but the Calculations have a puzzling set of Dilemmas.

May 27th 2022 AD Boomshack is on His Super Bike riding through Wales crying about Ramdee who is in heaven. Boomshack has a flash back to Repsyha and then shakes it off and goes and does something Special for Empress Ramdee. Ninja Tech, Perceptyv, Fariplay, Proficient, Karmitra and many of Empress Ramdee’s student ‘s and friends come and help start a bonfire as they tell stories about Empress Ramdee and listen to her favorite songs. Several times musical Chants and musicians have their turn honoring her as Boomshack keeps going to a private spot to cry and regain his strength to keep celebrating her memory. Kamitra brings him a Royal roots Wine beer and hugs him as they stare out at the Ocean. Several Songs are then played as they all celebrate the memories of their lost one’s.

King Conch is visiting Long Island and at one of his Palaces with his 4th Wife. King Conch asks her if she is ready to move in with his other three wives and their children and she hands him the divorce papers and asks for a huge financial sum and full custody of their two children or she will tell the Government about his other wives and children. King Conch Runs out of the house screaming “I told you before I had them with you, or I would have chosen several others who were willing and you don’t even want to raise those children you are simply after the money but you don’t know where that come from and it will be split custody I swears ya dat!”

Quantum is crowned King of Ketema and the rule of Ketema is the king can have no less than two wives. Quantum is not against this but he knows his girlfriend Laquesha Bethel will whop his tail and whoever the next wife ass is. Quantum sits alone in his library smoking a joint and ponders how the hell he is going to convince Laquesha Bethel.

The Divine Council have told Posieden not to go yet but he tries to go an apologize to Medusa and When She sees him she has a flash back to he past life and Faints As Black Bolt Attacks Poseidon who flies away ashamed. Poseidon tries to send a gift back and Black Bolt uses his Sound Manipulation to rip it to shreads. Black Bolt goes after Poseidon. Athena goes after Poseidon as she is still bitter as they tried to kill Medusa to cover up her rape. Athena stabs Poseidon in his back as the God and Goddess battle in the Sky and as Black Bolt Charges he stops when Athena orders him to back down. One of Poseidon’s sons comes to check up on his father and when he sees Black Bolt he attacks as Black Bolt unleashes his power stunning the God and Waiting for his Command from Athena. Athena and Poseidon battle for Months and then Athena gives the Signal and Black Bolt uses the Sound Manipulation to call the Hell Guard you drag Poseidon into the Hell Realms to serve his Multiple sentences. Athena Throws Poseiden’s son back to Mount Olympus as she goes to report to the Divine Council. Black Bolt Races back to check on Medusa. Maximus is making sure Medusa receives the best Medical Attention as he sends for special medicine from Change’. Medusa’s hair begins Transforming into snakes and she freezes time as she sends select people into the Hell Realms Maximus sweats as she walks past him she thanks him and lets him get back to work as she hunts. The Moon sends signals to the Earth and Moon Knight, Moon and the Moonchildren to prepare for Medusa’s Return.

Several War Lords have been capturing the women enslaving them and raping them and Quantum begged them to release the women and change their ways but they laughed at him as he tricked them into thinking he was injected with the Human again Virus. Quantum teleports all the weapons of war to the Peace Keepaz and various African Gorilla Peace Enforcement Armies. Storm and Tchalla send in Wakandan troupes but half refuse to go and say Storm is from a bad African Tribe of Witches. Tchalla challenges any one who says anything about Storm and after two fights most leave Wakanda when they speak ill of Storm and Wakanda is empty as a fourth of the Wakandans leave. Shuri radio’s in From America and is bringing the 2000 new Refugees. Shuri and her Rainbow Panther unit begin teaching the Refugees the Wakandan Laws. Tchalla surprises Storm and builds a University and Special Dorms for International Super Humans in Wakandapolis.

Quantum airs the Feed in Wakanda. The Remaining Elite Wakandan’s deploy as King and Queen Panther lead the charge with their strongest armor as Quantum showed them the Location of a Scy Demun that had been living in Africa for 20,050 years. Quantum shuts down the cameras of watching him as he proceeds to kill the rapist in 10000 ways and never the same way twice. The rest of the Armies surrender as the Africa starts to celebrate Quantum and the Peace Alliance’s victory. During the Celebration Quantum senses a Bomb and teleports it back to the launch location. The Orisha’s rain down on Africa ready for War. Several Alien Gladiator Hunters (AGH) Touch down in Africa and try to hunt Quantum and the Orisha’s. A AGH goes After Storm and her Children.

Raptula is talking with Jean and says something that awakens the Dark Phoenix and sends Jean after the Deities that are raping on the Planet. Raptula Flies over Metropolis and Supreme Reporter sends up the Magical Symbol the Let’s Super Man Know its time to release the Supreme Executioner. Super Releases the Seals as he Goes after the Justice League Members who are aware of the release and will try to stop it. Super Girl joins up with Super Man as the Lanterns Arrive to lock away any Rogue Justice League Member until the Agreed Earth Healing Time is Necessary. Raptula reveals a Layer of Storms Memory and she has the Power to kill the Scy Demun who would have run earlier as he thought he still had a chance. Storm races off to Punish who the Earth commands as Tchalla, Shuri and the Wakandan’s bow.

Medusa asks Black Bolt will he give her the Same honor and he understands and grabs her hand as she Transforms him with the powers given to her by Athena. Black Bolt Begins Hunting Targets Across the Universe co ordinated by the Universe as Lady Ultra and Black Sun in their (UYrTes aka Blud Charney forms) Medusa goes after Several of Athena’s other Relatives the Unmentioned who have committed many sins in the name of power, lust and the gain and then abuse of children. The Unmentioned stop hiding in Greece as they attack the Citizens to transform them into shields. Medusa Touches the Soil and her pets come racing to her as her Amazons raise from the grave and begin hunting. Hawk and Dove Transform into their Blud Charney Forms as they are sent after Deities who broke the Divine Waiting rules. Raven senses what they are doing and joins them as the Other Titans try to figure what is wrong with them as they are stuck in the tower under a spell by Raven.

Pobeda is In Russia and he has just finished sleeping with Several Russian Royal wives as he kicks them out after they have worshiped him and brought his requested Sacrificial offerings. Russian Mystic Ivanovich is with his mixed gendered harem and trying to get them out of Russia before they are assinated. Several of the Other Straight ally Polygamous mystics are fighting the others to allow Ivanovich to stay as they know how important him and his family are to Russia.

Dr. Fate summons Dr. Strange and the two begin arguing.

Sunbeam goes to Queen Justice and asks her to help her with her divorce as the two cry as Sunbeam reveals the real identity of her husband to Queen Justice.

Quantum tries to find Shango but Oya sends a storm so fierce Quantum changes his mind. When Quantum tries to sleep Oya sends dead lovers to his palace window to whisper at his window “pick love or rot!” When Quantum sees the dead that are talking to him he is frightened. As Quantum sleeps Shango sends him a dream message and shows him the one he loves the most dying time and again if it does not follow the laws of the kingdom. Quantum wakes up confused and tries to keep to himself.

Quantum takes a vacation to the Bahamas and 3rd eye picks him up at the airport. 3rd eye passes Quantum a Kalik and they both talk telepathically so they can’t be recorded. 3rd Eye tells Quantum “bro I was laughin at you now I in the same boat” Quantum pats 3rd Eye on the shoulder and takes out some Ancient African rum. Quantum looks at 3rd eye and sees Divine battles waging around 3rd eye. Quantum turns like he doesn’t see them when they stop and look at him. Oya and Shango’s angels are battling around Quantum and 3rd Eye says “I see yours too.” They get to Doc Scy Fy’s Apartment complex and begin to drink the African rum with the Earth Knights. Quantum teleports the gifts he had for the Earth Knights and they all thank him. Several other Heroes who Quantum invited to help give advice to him and 3rd eye arrive bringing supplies. Griffin flies over and says faintly “ remember love!” as he continues to fly on his Global patrol. says “He had to say that or his wife would kill him, because we all know yall love! I been in this situation from I was little that’s why I don’t even talk relationships, every time I try to settle down and take a lady on a date a fight broke out, she could handle most women so I wasn’t worried at first, but older legendary hero ladies started to join in too. I had to fight one time to save her life some groupies tried to gang her! She called it quits! I even found out some of my super villains were bitter exes! So bros I live for the moment!” and takes another gulp of the African Rum.

Zeus and Hera are on Anarrah’s Multiversal Broadcast that teaches the Divine Children about the many different birth origins and patterns of the Divine across the Multiverse. Hera shows how True love can last and redemption can even be had for the Gods and Goddesses so there is a path to repentance. Hera teaches about her failures in parenting as she nearly faints when she has flash backs to some of the things she did. Zeus teaches how to respect and accept no and to accept demotion without retribution for failed behavior even when you are Mighty

The next Week King Balder and Thor are brought in and the children are excited. Thor teaches about irresponsible leader ship and absentee parenting. Loki was banned from the show by Anarrah as he tried to spike her drink the last time they met and is still serving another hell Realm sentence. Anarrah begins to teach about the love, care and patience of the Divine Royal Inters. King Balder talks about when to speak up and when to step back. Thor then gets to select the Divine Children that have to go to visit the Hell Realms for extremely bad behavior in the attempt for the Divine to scar them in to always being Good, Just and Moral.

The Divine Council try to get Ra and Re who are currently at war with Each other are brought to the Divine Council and Several Inters who tried to separate themselves for various reasons begin to realize that they cannot be separated. Ra and Re begin to go to the Divine Council’s Psychologist for DPTSD before they are counseled on how to balance without either side battling for control as both had to work in unison. Ra and Re ask for one last fight and are granted it. The Divine Mystics prepare extra Divine Ambrosia and herbs.

Quantum goes under cover to live in the Bahamas as an African refugee to test if the Bahamas who spurned is father to see if it is worthy of him losing his crown.

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Quantum is...

The Color On Tha Bahamas Now is not Just for show check for other links by clicking on various colors for interesting facts and where you may purchase items

The Color On Tha Bahamas Now is not Just for show check for other links by clicking on various colors for interesting facts and where you may purchase items